Attention. Nuances,doubts, reasoning, excuses are not made for social media.

Algorithms: it is they who decide the presentation of the contents

Dunning Kruger effect: “The less you know, the more you think you know”

Exhibitionism between voyeurism and narcissism, seeing and seeing oneself, making oneself seen and being seen

Gratuitousness, an explosive mixture of self-promotional drives and defective mechanisms

Politics, disinformation, manipulation, cyber espionage, and what remains of the Islamist propaganda

Autonomy. Social media as weapons of mass distraction and political influence

The Tik Tok case, improper use of artificial intelligence and the risk of cyberbullying




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Arturo Di Corinto

Arturo Di Corinto


Teacher, journalist, hacktivist. Privacy advocate, copyright critic, free software fan, cybersecurity curious.