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  • Paul Greenberg

    Paul Greenberg

    New York Times bestselling author of Four Fish as well as The Climate Diet and Goodbye Phone, Hello World paulgreenberg.org

  • Fabio Diolosa

    Fabio Diolosa

    I am an engineer in product development for power electronics. I am an Italian living in Germany and enjoying life with my wife.

  • Giuliano Tavaroli

    Giuliano Tavaroli

  • Derick David

    Derick David

    Designer at Coinbase-backed startup. Crypto contributor at Forbes. EIC at Utopian. 10x Top Writer in Innovation, Design, and Technology. derickdavid.world

  • Stardust Musings

    Stardust Musings

    I am a Writer, Poet, Survivor, Yoga Teacher, Nature lover & more w/ a passion for creating meaningful heartfelt content. stardustmusings1@gmail.com

  • Amine Elhattami

    Amine Elhattami

    NLP Research Developer @ServiceNow Research — Ph.D. Student @Mila. Opinions are my own. Support my work: https://amine-elhattami.medium.com/membership

  • WAIC


    WAIC Shanghai, July 7–10, 2021 — The Biggest AI Conference in the World. For international AI companies interested in entering the Chinese market.

  • Marcella Malune

    Marcella Malune

    Computer Science student @UNIMI. Customer Care manager @MarketersCompany.

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