Cyber security does not concern states but rather human beings (and the 7 actions we should be taking in this regard)

Cybercrimes, cyber threats, cyber war: citizens should be involved, for the sake of counteracting cyber risks while respecting human rights

Cyber security national strategies

According to the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), at the beginning of 2015, out of 193 Member States, 67 had adopted a cyber security national strategy, 102 a response team in case of cyber incidents, the well-known CIRTs (National Computer Incident Response Teams).

A new definition of cyber security

Public policies and citizens’ involvement

  1. Set a legal and regulatory framework, well-structured and detailed, on data properties so that people are in a position to regain control over their personal information, nowadays in the hands of internet service providers;
  2. Ensure the possibility of adopting the ‘end to end’ cryptography in the context of our communications;
  3. Launch awareness-raising projects on the relevance of an education to privacy and to personal data protection;
  4. Establish monitoring agencies that guarantee the safeguard of fundamental rights in the frame of data collection by anyone and for whatever purpose, so to contain and control their conduct;
  5. Appeal to governments to involve human and instrumental resources, made up of a competent staff that could legally act upon data breaches of companies’ and people’s privacy;
  6. Enable citizens’ participation in the definition of public policies affecting them, at different levels and with a multi-stakeholder approach;
  7. Stimulate a wide public debate about the significance of security in a cyber and interlinked world, where the openness and resilience of Internet could function as a resource rather than as an obstacle in the management of people’s daily lives.



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Arturo Di Corinto

Teacher, journalist, hacktivist. Privacy advocate, copyright critic, free software fan, cybersecurity curious.